poem user: unknown

idiot i don’t
want anything anymore
at least
just play with the two hundred
eng. words i learned on
that’s magnifying
the reflected life
the empty room
and the blurry kitchen

my curtains are closed
as the comments

i can just hear the rain falling on
the imaginary trenches
my inner library is bleeding
as i lay
as the abandoned
bitten sandwich

these days days are
everything electronic
days of second hand
somewhat recoverable
btw i need a new table
please be plastic
because i love this word
and i need to put things (and my spirit) down
for example
the last items i bought
for making drawing music
contradict the octopus
and signature nightmares

all of that is a new language
smart, concrete
blocks built
i dont even know if it needs to mean something
i need to break lines
what I usually hate to do
but suddenly when tearing sentences
new forms appears
so it’s not to divide but to approach

i almost clicked
i am saved
last time i spoke eng. i was in pol(and)
in quest of love
but i failed but i tripped i stutter
found bitter winter

i used to seat in cafeterias
ordering incomprehensible cakes
half hopeless half enamoured
but totally lost
my approximate heart mistranslated

ordinary when i’m sad
i just mute, remain silent
and buy polypropylene cases
at muji’s

but there wasn’t in pol.
only churches empty museums
and that terrifying place
and ghosts everywhere
and me walking in cold streets
with my tiny history
being more and more little
for non-staring eyes

since then
i kept these habits
murmur in shopping malls
buy cheap bouquets of flowers
to offer to anyone

and i rush calmly through the emergency exit